The Blog of Alexandre Cuva

An Italian Agile Coach in Asia


Alexandre Cuva is an Independent Agile Coach and Trainer in South-East Asia and around Europe. In addition to coaching Alexandre holds courses and free talks about agile, scrum, Kanban, team dynamics, culture hacking, happiness, agile leadership, management 3.0, agile adaptation, large scale agile and XP Practices.

He co-founded diverse agile communities in Switzerland, Vietnam and he is part of Agile Vietnam.

Alexandre has seen both pragmatic and truly agile, lean, big, organic and team-oriented organisations (that still tries to improve and learn). Based upon his experiences he understands that agile is a big experiment and in some people’s mind still is an unproven hypothesis. But as long as there are people who believe in top-down management, long-term planning, that there is a “best” way of doing things and that continuous learning costs too much, he believes there is still room for improvement in the world.

Alexandre Cuva is the CEO of SmartDev LLC a Swiss Agile Software Development company base in Da Nang Vietnam, where he apply Agile/Lean Management and serve agile Teams.

Bellow an Interview made by @Lisette Sutherland for her book about Remote