If you didn’t notice, there is a little war out there about what Scallable Framework is the best… people saying SAFe isn’t Agile, other are. Oh Ya They are true SAFe is not Agile, I even follow a course to persuade myself. 

I wrote that note in response of a question I got from one of my customers yesterday. What Scallable framework I would recommend?

There are not one specific Framework who’s the best, some are 100% Scrum, like LESS, some are a hybrid between Agile and Lean like SAFe. Some are made for an organization Product Oriented, Some are made for large organization where the economy is an essential point and are separate from the operations. 

I m part of the Coach, who believe the best way to choose one particular Framework is to see it run on other companies, there are now many experience in the world to allow you to make that experience. Allowing our customers to ask their questions not to an Expert but to who already applied one of this framework and make their own judgment on how they will do their transformation. It is then our job as coach to help them in their transformation and not force them to go on a specific framework.

So my answer, is no, there is not a particular framework is the best, let understand your environment, then I will organize some visit of other similar companies who have made the transformation and I let you make your own judgement. I will stay near you and help you on your transformation.